Here is some information on food swapping flair

It seemed you could really add your personality to the swap
with you labels and décor for your swapables, a tablecloth for your area, maybe
a personal sign to help people find you (and get the stuff you want to swap),
name tags. Tips to prettify your swap items.

Doesn’t the health department get involved on this kind of thing?

There is no money exchanged, just a one for one swap, so without currency, the health department currently does not engage in managing the swaps. Here is information on Food safety and food swaps. As a responsible swapper, you vow to practice good food management techniques and also sign a waiver before swapping.

What a neat idea, where else are they doing swaps?

Simply everywhere. See Sister Swappers throughout the world

Is there a cost?

There is a cost for participating in the swap – through the food you purchase to swap and the jars or packaging materials. Although you come home with a variety of swapped items to add to your home sampling, gifting and canning collection. There is no cost for sign up, but we have donation jars at the event where we hope folks will contribute – we give the donations to GRub for allowing us to use their space.

What is a one for one trade?

You are packaging your materials to trade one for one. If you use a small size canning jar, you may be swapping it for a large size canning canning jar depending on the trade. If you make a large loaf of bread, consider making it into 3-4 smaller loaves to trade for a jar of jam or a bag of caramels or homemade cookies. I found many people used the 1 C to 2 C size of canning jars primarily for their swapping.

Is it just canned goods?

No. Please see the “what can I swap” page to see examples of what has been swapped at the event. You can swap canned goods (we’ve had pickles, jams, liqueurs) for baked goods (scones, cookies, candies, bread, chile pie), for fresh produce (herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables).

How does a swap work?

Please see the page “how does a swap work” to find out details on how our swap works and maybe we can answer any of your questions.

Is this an event where you are giving to the needy?

Sadly no, it is not an altruistic event. We are doing one for one trades for ourselves or for gifts. There is a free table at the event to trade items we may not need for something someone else does. At the first event there was a food dehydrator, garlic press, mixing bowls and a very large zucchini (thanks Kathy).

Can I sample the stuff before I swap it?

Samples are not required but are encouraged. Samples can also be used for items in the potluck. One swapper brought her chocolate strawberry jam and spread it on angel food cake for the potluck.

I want to get in on the action but can’t think of what to swap..

You can make the brownies in a jar, or the Russian tea mix made of Tang or the homemade cocoa mix. Some people make homemade granola, or their best cookies. If you’ve grown beautiful or unusual herbs or flowers or produce in your garden, bring it along. You can bring gardening seeds to swap. You can bring homemade coasters or wash cloths or laundry soap or herbal remedies. You can bring homemade grocery bags.

Does everything need to be homemade?

Yes. Homemade or home grown or local is preferred.

This is so fantastic, how do I get in on organizing this?

Email us and we are sure we can find a way for you to help.

You still haven’t answered my questions…

Please email us:

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