About Us

Kathy M, Brooke Gand Jeriann Shave been organizing the Olympia Food Swap since 2011. They love to cook, love to eat local and are fun foodies.

Kathy is an amazing pastry cook and is exploring wild fermentation, tinctures and food dehydration. She went to a food swap event in Portland in June 2011. To the first Olympia swap Kathy brought plum BBQ sauce, raw milk kefir, dried and brandied cherries, sauerkraut, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast for making kombucha, a tea-based beverage.

Brooke is into canning, dehydrating and baking delicious eats. To the first swap she brought dandelion syrup, cantaloupe mint jam, rose mint tea, garlic scape pesto, zucchini preserves and orange marmalade (if I’m remembering correctly).

Jeriann SchriSner is a teacher in an Olympia-area school teacher and loves to cook. She loves preparing raw foods, especially raw desserts.  She has organized several raw food community potlucks in Olympia. She’s into sprouting, making kombucha and nut cheeses, and has just begun exploring the world of making tempeh. To the first swap, Jeri brought: kale chips and sprouted quinoa pizza crust.

Brooke maintains the blog. Kathy maintains our Facebook presence and Jeriann takes care of event ticketing, the Eventbrite and emails to participants.

Our swaps are held at Grub in West Olympia. The address is: 2016 Elliott Ave NW Olympia, WA 98502 and the website is: http://goodgrub.org/ The location is phenomenal and we are so happy to have a home for our food swaps. Please visit Grub on their website, Facebook or in person at their farm or weekly farm stand. Be sure to sign up for the swaps through our Eventbrite link.

To date we have held events in September and December of 2011, June, September and December of 2012 and October of 2013. Please get on our email list or “like” us on Facebook to keep abreast of the latest swap developments.

The food at the swaps are delicious, it is fun to try a variety of creative swapables and the people we met at the event are fun and creative.

For more information or to get involved. Contact us!

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