Announcing the Autumn 2014 Food Swap

We are pleased to announce our Autumn 2012 Food Swap which will be held at a new location, the Eastside Farm and Garden Center! We are excited to try out this new space; we held our previous events at the fabulous Grub farmhouse. On the second floor of the Eastside Farm and Garden Center they have a huge space for classes. I will do a future post about their facility.
Please sign up to get a ticket. Tickets are required for all participants due to spacing limitations by our facility, and what we have found works best for the swap. The three of us have been putting this event on in Olympia for three years! Go Olympia swappers!

Here is information on how a swap works here. Here are some commonly asked questions. Here is a semi comprehensive list of what has been swapped in the past. And visit us on Facebook.

Some things to remember:
* The things you can swap are under the sun but they typically involve eating, kitchen stuff or gardening.
* Please use safe canning practices (use unused metal tops on canning, sanitize and correctly process your jars). If your jars are looking rusty from the outside or on the rings, please rethink swapping them.
* We will have a potluck. Please bring along your own plate, cutlery and cup. We encourage homemade and you can do samples of your product. If you are going to go purchase something for the potluck, just skip it and come along.
* Swap your best work
* Please be kind as a swapper – perhaps you don’t want the thing someone is offering, others may be swapping with you even though they may not want what you have. We are building community.

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