Tonight is the Autumn Food Swap at Grub

Tonight is the Autumn Food Swap at Grub

We will see you at the Autumn Food Swap at Grub in West Olympia (2016 Elliott Ave NW). The event takes place from 6-8 p.m. and includes a potluck, so bring your appetites. Please bring a monetary donation for our collection jar for Grub which pays for the space.

Bring your items to swap. Make sure they are packaged for one to one trade (you will swap for things like a jar of jam, a cupcake, a mini loaf of bread, some fresh produce). If they contain a lot of ingredients, make sure they include information on ingredients for those with food allergies and preferences. Make sure your items are somehow labeled. We have 20 swappers signed up, so you can bring 20 items to swap or less, depending on your preference.

If you can, please print out the labels to place under your items (it saves on our printing costs), a name tag if you have it, and you can print and cut out the bidding label to tape on all of your swap proposals (bring your own tape).

We will provide swapping cards, name tags, writing utensils, and other necessary materials for the event. Swap will be held in a silent-auction format, and you will be free to choose which trades to accept for your products. Each swapper displays his or her goods on a table, in a space approximately 1.5’ wide, alongside a blank card. The first part of the swap is devoted to walking around, examining, talking, and sampling items from the other swappers.

If you are interested in an item, you write your name on the card next to the things you want, along with what you’re offering to swap in exchange (silent-auction style). For example, if Jenny has some pesto you’d like to swap for, you would write on her card that you’re name, and “1 dozen eggs” to indicate that you are willing to swap a dozen eggs for her pesto. Multiple people can put in swap offers for the same item.

Finally, everyone goes back to his or her original cards to review their offers. Then you go and find the people you want to swap with, via their names tags, and let the magic of barter commerce unfold. These offers are just a starting point for conversation; there’s no guarantee you will get what you “bid” for and, likewise, you are under no obligation to trade with the people who wrote on your paper. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the spirit of neighborly camaraderie. All swapping is done in the spirit of fun.

Don’t forget stuff for the free table if you have it. Please do not bring items for sale and leave the kids at home. This is a great way to meet other food-loving locals.

For those new to the swapping scene:
Step 1 – set up and display your stuff.
Step 2 – put anything at the free table and get what you want from it.
IMG_3577 - Copy
Step 3 – Eat! We usually have a delicious spread of food.
Step 4 – Make your bids.
Step 5 – Decide what you want to swap and then do it. If you don’t want to come home with what you brought, make additional swaps with folks who have things left.
Take home your bounty and enjoy

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