Great December Swap last night

We had a great Holiday food swap last night, there were 11 participants and a great collection of food.

At the free table were a glass gravy separator, some crepe pans, a dessert tray tower, a mandoline, Christmas cloth napkins, some squash and some utensils.

Swapables included:

Fermented: pickled onions and pickled garlic, red wine vinegar mother, apple cider vinegar mother, dilly beans, pickled green tomatoes

Fresh: kiwi, bay leaves

Syrup: Elderberry, cough lozenges, ginger, quince, sumac, chokecherry

Drinks: Gingerale, hard apple cider

Fire starters, beeswax candles, oatmeal soap, soap nuts

Desserts: Panpepato (Tuscan Christmas Cake), apple cider caramels, myer lemon curd, applesauce, hot chocolate on a stick

Dehydrated: apples, oregano, mint

Tinctures: Feverfew, willow bark, usnea, vanilla rum extract

Extracts: lemon and lime

Jam: salted coconut, plum, apple cranberry pie, carrot cake

Sauce: Salted caramel sauce, hot salsa, dulche de leche

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