Tuesday is the Holiday Swap

IMG_4684Tuesday is the Holiday Food Swap at Grub (2016 Elliott Ave NW, Olympia) from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. As of 8 a.m. this morning we will have 14 swappers.

Free table:

Please bring any unwanted kitchen stuff, plant starts, excess produce you don’t want to swap for the free table, but feel free to take anything at the table if you want it. Previous free table stuff included bowls, a dehydrator, kombucha grains, parsnips.


Please bring a dish to share at the potluck. We prefer if the item is made by you (if you are going to just get takeout, don’t worry about it and just come and eat instead).

Donation jar:

We have a donation jar at the event. We use the space at Grub for free and donations help them remain happy with us using the space for free.

Almost expired table:

We will have an almost expired table for canned goods that are over a year old, and you can swap or trade or whatever you wish.

Print labels in advance:

Bring your own name tag if you have it. You may print your swap bid sheets in advance, so we organizers have less printing costs. There is the Bid Sheet Short, bid-sheet-long, Bidding Label (so you don’t have to write your 10 items 33 times)

You may give samples of your swappables if you want, or this can be at the potluck. It is also suggested that you list what ingredients are in each swapped item for those with allergen sensitivities.


Don’t forget to package everything for a one to one trade. Mini loaves of bread or 4-5 slices, a pie cut into slices or a mini pie, a jar of jam, a 2C container of canned peaches instead of a gallon, etc. and be sure everything is labeled.

REMEMBER ADULTS ONLY (18 plus) are welcome to the event. Please do not bring children and it isn’t fair to all of us who left our children at home. Additionally, please don’t bring anything for sale, we are only swapping one for one.

Any last minute questions, email olyfoodswap@live.com otherwise we will see you at the event.

We still have tickets available if you know anyone who would like to sign up: http://olyholidayfoodswap-eac2.eventbrite.com/# last minute ideas could be mini loaves of bread, baked goods packaged for 1-1 trades like 6 cookies or 1/4 of a loaf cake. Other ideas could be chocolate sauce, prepared soups etc. Email us if you need any ideas.

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