What should I swap

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Here are some items we’ve seen at past events to give you some inspiration. We are planning to have our last swap of the season in December.

* jams: apricot jalapeño, blackberry, blueberry lime, raspberry, maple blueberry, strawberry chocolate, strawberry lavender, ginger peach jam, zucchini jam, blueberry jelly, pear butter, pirate fight jam, anise apple butter, quince jelly, onion relish, honey pear ginger preserves, ginger syrup, chocolate raspberry jam, chipotle strawberry jam, chai tea concentrate, blackberry shrub, apricot curd, Asian pear sauce, elderberry syrup, cherry vodka, eggplant preserves, watermelon rind preserves, watermelon preserves, preserved lemon

* Concoctions – hibiscus tea, chocolate mint flavored sugar, bing cherry brandy, blueberry cordial, vanilla sugar, vanilla extract, siracha salt, beer mustard, tomato sea salt, strawberry lemonade, limeade concentrate, apple cider vinegar, Chocolate peanut crunchies, sugared violets

* syrups: elderberry, chai liqueur, cola syrup

* canned fruit: peaches, peach pie filling, applesauce, hot pepper jelly brandied cherries, lemon curd, peppermint hot fudge, pear harlequin jam, smoked almond butter,

* baked goods: granola, cheesy kale chips, quinoa  crust, triple ginger cookies, cocoa balls, granola bars, black bean beet  brownies, chocolate, pralines, lemon rosemary savory cookies, gorgonzola crackers, chocolate pepper truffles, pizelle cookies, krumkake cookie cones, carrot cake whoopee pies, brown sugar shortbread, cheddar chive Guinness bread, spelt grain beer bread, bumble bars, blackberry brittle, black bean fudge, coconut covered raisins, oatmeal cookies, French macaroons, peanut butter cookies, chocolate walnut brownies, pumpkin bread, crackers, vanilla bean madelines, cheesecake in a jar, cherry galette, mochi

* fresh produce: tomatoes, kale, peppers, marigold seeds,  eggs, herbs, rhubarb, parsley, seeds, apples, cherry tomatoes, wild grapes, pork steaks, moss, feta

* fermented: pickles, beans, sauerkraut, pickled asparagus, hot sauce, raw milk kefir, jalepeno sauerkraut, homemade beer, dilly beans, both sweet and sour fermented and vinegar pickles, cabernet wine, cider vinegar mother, blueberry kombucha, pickled snap peas, sauerkraut, pickled cauliflower, fire chili sauerkraut

* Dehydrated Goods – mushrooms, garlic, leathers – strawberry, blackberry, strawberry chipotle, apple chips, sundried tomatoes, chamomile, tea

* Potions: healing hand salve, flower essences, mole seasonings, salsa, salve, lemongrass and also, wood butter, itch relief stick, salve, soap, bitters

* Canned – tuna, magic shell, rhubarb sauce, strawberry freezer jam, frozen pumpkin puree

* Cheese – feta, fresh whey

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