Awesome swap last night!

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Thanks to all the 31 swappers who came to the Autumn Food Swap last night! We had a great time, a wonderful potluck and came away with so many wonderful things to try.

My bounty included: pumpkin cheesecake bread, kefir, cheesecake in a jar, moss, sauerkraut, plum jam, sugared violets, tea rose soap, pear syrup, albacore tuna, tomatillo salsa verde, lemony dills, apple butter, strawberry maple smooch, quince jelly and tea.

Two of our attendees want to start a swap in their own community. We plan to have the next event in December – hope to see you there.

This swap people brought:

Free table: pepper grinder, oven thermometer, skillet, jars, swiss chard

Products: salve, soap, bitters

Baked goods: pumpkin bread, crackers, vanilla bean madelines, cheesecake in a jar, cherry galette, mochi

Candies: Chocolate peanut crunchies, sugared violets

Fresh: seeds, apples, cherry tomatoes, wild grapes, pork steaks, moss, feta

Canned: pear butter, pirate fight jam, anise apple butter, quince jelly, onion relish, honey pear ginger preserves, ginger syrup, chocolate raspberry jam, chipotle strawberry jam, chai tea concentrate, blackberry shrub, apricot curd, Asian pear sauce, elderberry syrup, cherry vodka, eggplant preserves, watermelon rind preserves, watermelon preserves, preserved lemon

Fermented: sauerkraut, pickled cauliflower, fire chili sauerkraut

Dehydrated: apple chips, sundried tomatoes, chamomile, tea

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