Featured Swappers – Jen and Brian

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Jen Kenny and Brian Stafki are our featured swappers! Brian is an Education and Outreach Specialist for Solid Waste in Thurston County, and Jen is a planner for City of Olympia. Brian is participating tonight, and they participated in a prior swap as well.

Why do you like the food swap?

We like the food swap because it combines two of our favorite things: yummy,  healthy food and friendly, creative people.

What were some of the things you liked that you received at prior events?

 The chocolates made with agave, the vanilla, and there was an outstanding salsa.

What have you made for the swap this time and the last time you participated?

Our contributions have been, and will be again, canned salsa and maybe some beets.

Any favorite recipes to share?

Because we always have so much kale I am always looking for new ways to use it. My current favorite kale dish is kale pesto. Combine olive oil, garlic, salt, kale and walnuts. I put them in a food processer and blend until creamy, then throw it on pasta with some cherry tomatoes from the garden or make pesto and mozzerella sandwiches.

Why do you think people should participate?

I think people should participate because it encourages creativity and the chance to teach, learn and make new friends. And of course, get some great stuff!

What is your favorite food to make for dinner?

 (home made) Pesto pasta anytime or in fall/winter lentil soup with frozen or fresh kale (from the garden!), canned tomatoes (memories of summer…) and dried rosemary (from the garden!) 

What is your favorite candy?

The sea salt locally-made chocolates with agave  

Favorite spot to eat in Olympia?

Al Forno has the best pizza, Aqua Via has the best ambiance, Bread Peddler has the best croissants, Sage’s on Rogers has the best breakfast, and Traditions has the best vibes (and enchilladas).

For the swap Wednesday, we have 4 tickets available, the swap is 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., includes a potluck, a free table and is at Grub at 2016 Elliott Ave NW, West Olympia.

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