Featured Oly Swapper – Erica

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We thought it would be fun to interview some of the people who participate in our food swaps. Erica has participated so far in every event we have had and makes these amazing macaroons. By day she is Interactive Communications Specialist at Washington Department of Transportation, she also maintains a blog with her lovely illustrations.

Why do you like the food swap?

It’s a chance for me to be creative and share the “food love” around to others in Olympia who also enjoy making things to share. I come away with the most amazing things, from homemade cheese to canned tuna. I never know what I am going to get, but it’s always awesome.

Why have you participated every event?

I just really enjoy every part of the process – thinking of items to bring, making the items, the packaging, and the swap itself of course. I’ve met great people and it nice to see familiar faces time after time.

What were some of the things you liked that you received?

I got some wonderful soap at the last swap that even my husband raved about. The homemade feta blew my mind it was so good. Vinegar mothers for making my own vinegar…homemade mustard…I could go on and on.

How did you hear about the swap?

I heard about it from a coworker who knew I loved to cook/bake/craft and she thought I would be interested in participating.

What have you made for the swap?

I like to make macarons, which are little french meringue cookies. I am trying to master the technique and the swaps give me a reason to practice without having to eat them all myself.

Have you changed what you swap as the events go along?

I’ve added items as the seasons change and I find new ideas that I want to try and share.

Why do you think people should participate?

It’s just so much fun!

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