Get your swapping groove on for the fall swap

It is now August, the peaches and apricots are in their full, delicious bounty, the tomatoes and peppers are soon to be out, as well as the watermelons. Now is the perfect time to get your swapables ready for the fall food swap.

What to swap? Well, read a recap of what we’ve had at our 3 past food swaps here and get some ideas on what you may want to swap.

I just picked a huge harvest of kale to make kale chips, and I was just coming to our blog to get Jeriann’s recipe. I have also been in the midst of pickles. I have a few apricots and peaches I was deciding what to do with. I think I will freeze them, Kathy made pretty amazing sorbet in the winter with frozen summer fruit.

We have not announced the date yet for the fall swap, but it will be in September and we will announce soon. I just used the last of Lydia’s soap I got at the last event, and am hoping there will be more to swap for.

Here are some pictures to give you some inspiration.

One thought on “Get your swapping groove on for the fall swap

  1. Wonderful! Can’t wait! I’m making Herbal teas, Rhubarb wine, tinctures, salves, lip balms, cough syrup, herbal medicine packs, pickled veggies, and small baskets for altars or trinkets. All from our garden and surrounding forest. Just please don’t make this event conflict with a the Bellingham Barter faire on September 22nd, see
    Thanks for all your organizing!

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