Early summer swapping – June event success

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We had a wonderful June 2012 event at Grub with 25 attendees and a wealth of delicious swapables. I brought chocolate pepper truffles, homemade feta, whey from the feta, krumkake and pizelle cookies, chocolate mint flavored sugar and granola. I brought home fresh rhubarb (for my rhubarb ginger jam I will make), magic shell chocolate sauce, beer mustard, cider mother (all that leftover wine can be cider), wood butter (for maintaining your cutting boards), lemongrass soap, hibiscus tea concentrate, limeade concentrate, blackberry roll ups (good for my son’s lunches), bing cherry brandy, duck eggs (great in my baked eggs this morning), Pacific Northwest salt, salve, itch relief stick and cranberry ginger granola bars. Yum.

I am definitely going to bring more bay leaves to the next swap and maybe some bay tree starts. I will also bring more soft cheese. Other hot items at the swap were the cordial, the cabernet wine, the apple cider vinegar, gorgonzola crackers, granola, French macaroons (Erica has made these for 3 swaps and they are wonderful), blueberry kombucha and the fresh cheese.

As best I could take notes at the event, here are the items that were brought and swapped.

Concoctions – hibiscus tea, chocolate mint flavored sugar, bing cherry brandy, blueberry cordial, vanilla sugar, vanilla extract, siracha salt, beer mustard, tomato sea salt, strawberry lemonade, limeade concentrate, apple cider vinegar

Baked Goods – gorgonzola crackers, chocolate pepper truffles, pizelle cookies, krumkake cookie cones, macadamia nut granola, carrot cake whoopee pies, brown sugar shortbread, cheddar chive Guinness bread, spelt grain beer bread, bumble bars, full meal crackers, blackberry brittle, granola bars, black bean fudge, coconut covered raisins, oatmeal cookies, French macaroons, peanut butter cookies, chocolate walnut brownies

Dehydrated Goods – mushrooms, garlic, leathers – strawberry, blackberry, strawberry chipotle

Fermented – cabernet wine, cider vinegar mother, blueberry kombucha, pickled snap peas

Potions – salve, lemongrass and also, wood butter, itch relief stick

Fresh – chicken eggs, duck eggs, parsley, rhubarb, bay leaves, garlic scapes, sprouted pepitas

Hard red wheat, smoked almond butter, Pacific Northwest salt

Canned – tuna, magic shell, rhubarb sauce, strawberry freezer jam, frozen pumpkin puree

Cheese – feta, fresh whey

At the free table were some yogurt and kefir starter, tomato plants, parsnips I think, cookbooks and teas. The hot commodity table was not used by any swapper so we will discontinue that. The potluck dinner was quite delicious as well.

We plan to host our next event at Grub in the fall. Stay tuned for updates when we set a date.

One thought on “Early summer swapping – June event success

  1. Hello i am in need of some help, my father passed away this yrar and we had to come up to olympia tto help and be with my mother so there for i didnt get a chance to make my husband any freezer strawberry jam that i make him every year i am more then happy to pay for a couple of jars or contaners! maybe some noe could please help me i will make it worth you while. Thanks again. Robin

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