11 days till June swap

There are 11 days until the June swap and 17 tickets left. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can on Eventbrite. From what we’ve heard, to swap there may be:

– Baked goods: Swedish krumkake ice cream cones, pizelle cookies, macadamia nut granola, raw crackers, chocolate dipped candied oranges, raw dessert, gluten free muffins, carrot cake whoopie pies, cheddar and chive Guiness bread, black bean fudge, pizza dough

– Cheeses: feta, beer ricotta

– Dehydrated: kale chips, beef jerkey, fruit leather, coconut covered raisins

– Fermented: lactofermented mayo, apple cider vinegar/mother, pickled asparagus, kefir grains

– Canned: strawberry jam, chai tea concentrate, rhubarb syrup, vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, limoncello

– Fresh: strawberries, eggs

– Body products: body butter

Sign up to get in on this action. Imagine, you could bring your 12 jars of strawberry jam, and get back one jar of body butter, some backyard eggs, vanilla sugar, apple cider, beef jerkey, black bean fudge and pizelle cookies. The swap is a great grass-roots community building event – and its fun to get together and talk to a bunch of other foodies. Who knows, maybe your next best friend is at the event, or your neighbor 🙂 You can score some free stuff from the free table, get rid of that who-knows-what gadget you have had in your kitchen drawer.

Also exciting is the potluck. This is a very Olympia event, although swaps take place across the nation. The potluck is an awesome smorgasborg of delicious feasting. Need more inspiration? Check out this page on food swaps across the nation.

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