One week till the December food swap!

Is everyone ready for the second Olympia food swap? The event will be held Thursday, Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. at Grub. Don’t forget to package your items for a one to one trade, prettify your items for the swap, and get your swapping flair on. Please feel free to carpool to the event if you can (parking is limited in the neighborhood). Thanks again to Grub for providing the lovely facility for us to swap in. Please give to the donation jar (a few bucks is nice) so that we can give to Grub to continue using the facility.

Don’t forget about the optional holiday cookie exchange (bring three dozen cookies to swap) and come home with a variety of home baked goods for your holiday parties. This exchange is optional and will be separate from the food swap. Do note that you can bring baked goods as your swapables, and they will be separate from the cookie exchange. Also remember that if it works for you, you can sample your items so that folks will really want to swap with you. This is optional, and sometimes doesn’t work for small batch canning.

Please bring a list of what ingredients are in your swapables to deal with food sensitivity issues, or preferences, and you will sign a waiver at the event to say you practiced safe food prep standards when making your swap items.

Also bring your appetite, we will again have a potluck. Grub is generously allowing us to use their plates, cutlery and glasses (and water!) for the event, which we wash at the end of the evening. Bring something to share for the potluck – either things that you are swapping or something completely different. If you want to comment on what you will bring to the potluck (if you have decided) that will help make sure we have a balanced spread, and not just desserts 🙂

Here is a post with a collection of our event pictures. From Stacee Sledge and Brooke Guthrie to get some inspiration or tips.

To save on our event costs and make sure all of our donations go towards Grub, it would be helpful to us if you could print some of the forms yourself and bring them to the event. This is a grass-roots, all volunteer effort after all. Here are some forms to print: Bid Sheet Long, Bid Sheet Short, easy use Bidding Labelon what you are bringing (otherwise you have to write everything out 10-20 times).

We’d still love to hear what you are considering bringing or trading at the event, or anything that you’d love to get your hands on (note to Jeriann: Kale chips!) and any advice you have to swappers for the event. There are still 10 spots available for the swap, and our next event will be in June. Please visit Eventbrite to sign up and get your seat, let us know if you have a seat and won’t be able to make it, or just have any comments.

Sign up on this page (at the bottom) to get on our mailing list, or visit us on Facebook and be sure to like us. We don’t mind free publicity either, so be sure to tell all your friends what a great event this is. See you in a week!

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