Three weeks till the food swap

We are about 3 weeks (give or so a day) until the December food swap! So let’s talk. What are you making? What kind of packaging are you using – do you have any ideas for all of us on packaging? I bought some Christmas mugs to put my teas in, and have them wrapped up in fabric inside of the mugs. Do you have any great ideas for labels? Here are some label templates to download and print:

World Labels

Super cute and hip labels

Green pear labels

Lots of folks put some fabric around their canned jars. To be green, and because I think it’s fun, I even reused some of the fabric on my jars from the last swap.

Be sure to have information on ingredients for your baked goods or mixes in case people have any food allergies, sensitivities or preferences.

It’s also fun to have labels on the table of your swap items, although this is optional.

Do any attendees from the last swap have any ideas about what they will do different for this swap? I’ve made myself a sign with my name so it’s easier to find me when it is swap time – having to peer around at everyone’s name tag at the last event was a little cumbersome and maybe meant you didn’t get the traded item that you most wanted. I go to the swap planning on bringing home only things I’ve swapped, but as you are going around and browsing, sometimes you really want one item. I made myself a special list to keep track of the things I really want, and then all the other stuff. Share your flair with us.

Also, did you know at this event we have a cookie swap? How many people are participating in this? To participate, you need to bring at least three dozen cookies and you will bring home a large variety of cookies from everyone else. What kind of cookies are you planning on bringing?

We also have a potluck at the event, so bring your appetites.

Last time we had pasta, salad, chips and salsa, a cake with jam, pizza, cookies. We have plates, glasses and cutlery provided courtesy of Grub. You can either bring things to sample from the swap or you can be creative. You can also have samples of your stuff to swap at your table if you want. I have chai tea mix, so I was thinking about bringing a thermos of tea with chai mix to sample. Although, it would be awesome if everyone brought their own cup so they could have for drinks or samples.

We have a free table at the event. Do you have any kitchen or food stuff that you don’t need? Do you have bottles and jars that other folks could use for their swapables? Do you have a kitchen gadget you don’t use? Do you have extra produce you don’t want and would like to give away? Bring it along or maybe you’ll find something to try.

Be sure to bring something to carry all your swapables home. This can be a basket, a box, or whatever you desire. I had a basket but some of my swapables couldn’t lean over, so I thought a box might be better for future events. Bring what works best for you.

What will the swapping scene look like, you may ask? You will have a space about this size:

The format is essentially silent auction, where you write down what you have to offer, and what you want to trade for.

If you have a lot of different items to swap, you can type up a list of things you have and tape it to the paper when making your offers. This is Kathy’s tip and I found a small list in 9 point font that you cut out and tape to offers works well (ex. My name is Georgia and I want to swap: 3 strawberry jalepeno jam, 4 jars of pickled jalepenos, 2 jars of green tomato salsa and a bag of dried herbs)

Our spot at the lovely Grub facility relies on our generous donations from folks at the food swap. We hope to keep the event free, if possible. So if you can throw a few bucks in the donation jar when you check in, it will allow us to continue using the Grub facility.

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry, there is still time! As of this post there are still a dozen seats. The swap isn’t just about canned goods, see this link for other ideas. Also, please share this link with your friends and encourage them to join the swap. Imagine the diversity of items we can swap. People from other communities are welcome at the event as well.

Do you have any questions on the swap? Post and we can answer.

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