What you may see at the December food swap

We currently have 15 spots left for the Dec. 8 food swap at Grub. Sign up here. I’ve been watching the posts on our Facebook page, and here is a roundup of what you may see at the December event, and what potentially, you can swap for:

– homemade cheese, teas, spice mixes, jams and syrups

– pickled green tomatoes, apple butter, cookies, gingerbread, soap, duck eggs

– marachino cherries, hot fudge, elderberry elixir, homemade cough drops, ecchinaccea tincture

– red salsa, green salsa, canned peaches, barbecue sauce, apple sauce, rabbit furs

– canned albacore tuna

– Kale chips

Comment on what you may plan to bring to the swap, anything you swapped last time that you want more of, or something in this post that you really want to swap for.

One thought on “What you may see at the December food swap

  1. I’m hoping Jeriann will bring her kale chips, I really liked the blueberry maple and blueberry lime jams I swapped for last event. Last event I didn’t get the chocolate strawberry jam, the hand salve, the vinegar mother and also my kombucha mother didn’t work out so I’m hoping to swap for those this time. – Brooke

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