Sign up for the Dec. 8 Oly Food Swap has officially begun!

Get your canning groove on, your baking jive and your foraging sway because Thursday, December 8 from 6:30 to about 8:30 p.m. is our second Olympia food swap again at GRuB in West Olympia! Our first event was held in September and was a huge hit – we had 19 participants swapping jams, liqueurs, fresh produce, baked goods, dehydrated or fermented goods, and anything the swapper could imagine.

Photo by Stacee Sledge

The idea of the swap is a grass-roots one-for-one trade of homemade goods. This means, Linda can come to the swap with 3 jars of blackberry jelly and 6 jars of pear harlequin jam and come home with 9 different items – kale chips, homemade scones, caramels, vinegar mother, raw milk kefir, and chocolate strawberry jam.

Photo by Brooke Guthrie

Co-organizer Kathy Moore said, “This is a fabulous earth friendly (free!) event that brings like-minded individuals together to help us all diversify our pantries.  A win for everyone.” Her favorite swap item was the lacto-fermented green beans, and from the first swap she wants to bring more stuff to share.

Photo by Stacee Sledge

Co-organizer Jeriann Schriner said, “I loved meeting Oly folks and the event had such great energy. I walked away with such a great bounty, new kinds of food and even a new recipe!” She said she loved Lydia’s chocolate and Becky’s ginger cookies. And, I’m sure everyone will be excited to know that Jeriann is planning on bringing more kale chips.

Photo by Brooke Guthrie

Co-organizer Brooke Guthrie said, “Grub has a beautiful building, and it’s a lovely site for the event. It was so wonderful meeting like-minded food lovers of Olympia – we have such a diverse food culture locally. It really fits my ideals of building community, locally.” Brooke’s favorites were the kale chips, pickled asparagus and romano beans, candied orange peel dipped in chocolate, macaroons and the blueberry maple jam which my son and I have discovered is amazing mixed with a little bit of chocolate with anything dipped in.

Photo by Stacee Sledge

When gushing to friends about the last event, they said they hadn’t participated because they thought you could only swap jams, and they wish they had participated to swap baked goods. Well get out your favorite cookie recipe, great grandma’s sugar cookies recipe and a few slices of pie because all these can be swapped. The sky is your limit, really. At the last event we had granola, crackers, quinoa pizza crust, triple ginger cookies, cocoa balls, granola bars, black bean beet brownies and macaroons for baked goods.

Photo by Stacee Sledge

At the last event swappers brought fresh chiles, kale, tomatoes and herbs to swap. Food related items are also welcome at the food swap like homemade laundry soap, tinctures, hand salve and teas.

Photo by Stacee Sledge

We are also having an optional cookie exchange at the event – so you can not only come home with a collection of swapped items, you can also come home with holiday cookies!

As we did at the last event, we will have a potluck, so bring your appetites. At the last event, some people brought samples of their wares for the potluck and others just got creative. It is a delicious sampling of food from the community.

Photo by Brooke Guthrie

Bring your excess kitchen stuff for our free table – extra jars, bowls, a kitchen tool you don’t use any more – maybe someone else can use. At the free table at our last event there were a collection of bowls, a garlic press, an enormous zucchini and a food dehydrator.

Comments from past attendees:

Alice, who attended the last event enjoyed the homemade pickles and applesauce she got at the swap. She said it’s hard to eat store bought stuff again after having it homemade. She brought fresh chiles and chili pie to the last event.

Photo by Brooke Guthrie

Chris said he loved the entire event and his favorite was bringing home a selection of canned and ready to eat foods. He is signing up for the December event and brought salsa, jams and pickles to the last event.

Photo by Brooke Guthrie

Kristin signed up for the December event and said her family enjoyed the kale chips, cookies, chocolate, chili pie, pickles and sauerkraut from the September event.

Photo by Brooke Guthrie

Check out our group on Facebook, and sign up for the next event on Eventbrite. Last event participants get first dibs on slots for this December event. Read how a food swap works if you have any questions, or send us an email!

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