Labels and Packaging for Swap Items

I have been researching containers and ways to package your swapping items. You could use glass Mason or canning jars, but in that there is an expense. You can save any glass jars from food items, and these can be used for everything but canning, unless the metal rings and caps fit. You can purchase little bags and containers from JoAnn’s or some similar store. You could buy cute tins to place the items in. My family likes to make reusable shopping bags for carrying groceries and produce bags out of worn out sheets or other fabric. From this thought, I was inspired to try out a few options that remind me of sachets.

Variety of packaging options

Tissue paper with ribbon or yarn to hold your goodies. Fabric with ribbon or yarn to hold treasures.

My tea sachet - quick sew both sides, taped in back, label from paper bag

You could sew two sides of a piece of fabric to hold your item and then tape the back shut.

I have also been looking into cute labels to put on your items. There are a variety of sites that let you download and print their labels for free. You could attach these to your jars with string, yarn or ribbon, or you could print them onto stickers and affix.

Trades are one to one. Be sure to partition items into a serving for one to one trades (i.e. if you made a cheesecake or pie, cut it into serving slices before packaging) – better yet make mini pies or pies or cakes in jam jars. (if you have a larger container of canned item it does not trade for 2-3 of other items, it goes 1 to 1 so make sure to consider that in packaging.

I look forward to seeing all of the creative labels at the September 29 food swap.

– Brooke

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